Deconstructed Construction Chocolate Cake

Healthy Chocolate Cake


I can't believe my little man is THREE! Where does the time go? He can't get enough of tractors, trucks, diggers and backhoes so this year we decided to dig up some chocolate.

Making cake is a chance to nourish and indulge at the same time! My favourite thing to do!

This cake is refined sugar free, grain free, full of deliciousness and bursting with nutritiousness. You really can eat it for breakfast.. except maybe not the diggers.

I absolutely love sharing the kitchen with Banj.. He always comes into the kitchen when I'm cooking and says "up here doing, up here doing". He has quite the knack for cracking eggs! I think I've watched this video a million times.. his facial expression at the end!!! too cute!





In true mother nourish style this is all approx.. let me know how you go with it in the comments.. added more eggs? less banana? I found this recipe was really moist like a good dense chocolate mud cake. Everyone loved it.. including the sweet toothes among the family! Not looking at anyone in particular mum ;)

1.5 cups of almond meal (still damp from making milk... I either store it in the fridge or freezer then use it when I'm baking or making pancakes)

a couple of tablespoons psyllium husk,

2 tablespoons tapioca,

2 tablespoons buckwheat flour,

2 tablespoons coconut flour (probably wouldn't have used so many flours but had them all handy and I like to mix them for texture)

about 5 heaped tablespoons cacao powder,

4-5 mashed ripe bananas,

1/2 cup rice malt syrup,

1/3 cup raw honey,

2 teaspoons baking powder,

6 eggs,

 Three generations making cake

Three generations making cake

3 teaspoons vanilla,

2 teaspoons cinnamon,

50g soft butter (sub the butter for more coconut oil for a complete dairy free option),

1/3 cup coconut oil.

Mix together the dry ingredients then add the banana and eggs and coconut oil and butter.

Stir and whip until mixed together and fluffy. Taste mixture and tweak sweetness to your liking with more honey or rice malt syrup. I find the banana and honey will infuse and taste sweeter after baking.

 Did someone say baking on a 36 degree day was a good idea?!!? #greathairday haha

Did someone say baking on a 36 degree day was a good idea?!!? #greathairday haha

Pour into greased cake pan and bake at about 200 degrees C for about 25 minutes. Check if the cake is cooked with a skewer. Allow to cool before icing, perhaps store in fridge overnight. I refrigerated the cake and the icing before building the cake.. this helped make the icing more 'workable.'


Cup of cashews

Cinnamon and Vanilla to taste

1 heaped tablespoon of cacao or carob

Honey, maple or rice malt syrup to taste

Soak the cashews in a bowl of water for about 4-8 hours. Once soft, rinse and throw into a blender or food processor. Add a little water (1/4 cup?ish) and then blend on low. If it's too thick add a little more water in small drops. You may need to stop the blender and mix the mixture down towards the blade. Make sure it's switched off when you do this. Blend until smooth and creamy. Be careful to not add too much water.. you want the cashew cream to be nice and thick.

Add the cinnamon, vanilla, cacao, and sweetener. Mix thoroughly and have a taste. Adjust sweetness and chocolateness to your liking by adding more cacao or honey. I like my cakes pretty light on the sweet side. Pop the icing in the fridge to thicken up.


5 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)

3 heaped tablespoons cacao powder

Honey, rice malt or maple syrup to your liking.

1 tablespoon of nutbutter and a teency pinch of salt.

Mix these ingredients together until you have a running chocolate sauce. 


Once the cake is cooled, lay it out onto a serving platter or plate. I chopped up one side of the plate into chocolate cake boulders and deconstructed it a little.. just a like a construction site. Using a knife or spoon, lather the icing over the cake.

Drizzle the chocolate sauce over the top and then add your chosen decorations. I made some date boulders by rolling up some pitted dates, some raspberry stones, some molasses logs and popcorn rubble. I finished off by sprinkling the whole mountain with some bee pollen and coconut sugar.

 Everyone has a turn at blowing out the candles.

Everyone has a turn at blowing out the candles.

 Friends who eat cake together, stay together. Thanks for coming to the party Wills! X

Friends who eat cake together, stay together. Thanks for coming to the party Wills! X

 Party animals.. uh oh!

Party animals.. uh oh!