Make Whey While The Sun Shines!


Fresh Whey for Beginners

Whey to go! You are most likely reading this because you are interested in whey and it's amazing health benefits, from aiding digestion to improving your immune system and all round helping your digestive system. Maybe you're interested in lacto fermentation or just beginning to learn about gut health.

Whey is the easiest thing to make and once you have done it once or twice it will become second nature. The easiest and fastest way to make whey is by straining organic pastured fed yoghurt. If you don't have a health store close by, even most supermarkets have at least one option for organic plain yoghurt available. 


Have you ever opened up your yoghurt half way through the tub and there is a clear fluid sitting above the yoghurt? That is the whey!

To strain the whey from the yoghurt you will need:

A tub of organic grassfed plain yoghurt

A jar or a bowl with a strainer

A muslin cloth cut into 30cm x 30cm approx 

A rubber band and a piece of string

Take your jar and place the cloth over the mouth of the jar. Push a bit of the cloth down into the mouth to make a little pouch so that there is room for the yoghurt to sit and then put a rubber band around the cloth and the jar mouth to hold it in place. If you are using a bowl you can place the strainer over the bowl and place the cloth over the strainer.

Pour the yoghurt into the cloth. You might need to start with half the tub, wait 20 minutes then put the other half in. If you look in the bottom of the jar you will see the whey starting to drip. Make sure there is room in the bottom of the jar for the whey to drip from the bottom of the cloth. I find a big glass jar.. about a litre size, is a good size… but any jar is fine to start with.


Let the yoghurt strain for a few hours. Depending on how much whey you want/need will determine how long you strain for. If you want to get all the whey out of the yoghurt then after about 1-2 hours of straining, pick up the four corners of the cloth and tie it up with the rubber band.. then hang the 'bag' of yoghurt on a kitchen cupboard handle or something so that you can hang the bag over the jar and let it slowly drip for up to 24 hours. The longer you let it strain, the more whey you will get and the harder and thicker the yoghurt will become. If you let it got for 24 hours it will be quite thick and cheesy. Great for sandwiches, into salads, mixed into an omelet or stirred through soups or curries for extra flavour.