Liver Long Life!

Delicious Vitamin A Pâté

I’ve never been an offal person.. I enjoy a good carnivorous dish, just ask Emma Jackson, but have never been able to brave myself to try liver or heart or god forbid brains! How can you eat something that has had a thought? However I’ve always loved pate… 

After reading about how vital Vitamin A and Vitamin D are for our health and how they are such a large part of traditional diets and then reading about the how organic chicken liver is so rich in these vitamins I thought well it’s time to try making it myself. I watched a Sally Fallon presentation where she outlined the Vitamin content in liver is more than 10 times as high as skinless chicken breast.

So I braced myself.

I didn’t really even know what a chicken liver looked like! I opened up the Nourishing Traditions recipe and had a read. I also had a look at another recipe from a ‘gourmet’ cooking type book plus a variation of the NT recipe online and got cracking.

I was so surprised at how easy it was to make. And how delicious it was! I’m really loving all these delicious foods NT recommends to eat. Cream, raw milk, butter, good oils, good grass fed meat.. but don’t forget the fat. Sally talked about how most of the traditional diets savored the fat and didn’t really eat lean meat at all. In fact they would save the lean meat until last and only ever eat it with fat they had saved. The fat was so important. Well taking after our dutch mother, my sister and I are renowned for being lovers of meat fat! My sisters partner even saves it for her and gives it to her at the end of meal. Her favourite dish is a big juicy steak at the Grand Nash.. with all the fat! Thanks Sally Fallon for allowing us to not only indulge in what our tastebuds are telling us but also to relax in knowing it’s good for us. But only if it’s grass fed! If it’s not grass fed organic meat then all the toxins is stored in the fat but if it’s grass fed, then all that beautiful rich vitamins the animal has been eating through the gorgeous green grass goes into their fat. What a delicious way to take your vitamins! Out with the tablets, in with the hearty meal! 

So on that note.. you won’t be shocked by the butter quantity in this recipe… This is what I whipped up.

I slowly cooked some organic grass fed bacon with an onion, a shallot, some garlic, four mushrooms in some coconut oil, ghee and about 1/3 block of organic butter. I cooked it really slowly so as to not burn the oils. Many people don’t like the taste of coconut oil. Coconut oil is famous for having such a high smoke point. I like to use it with other fats when I’m cooking as it helps to stop butter burning in the pan. I also don’t like the taste of it when it’s cooked at too high a temperature. I still cook with it at as low a temperature as possible. By doing this I find that it makes things taste a little sweeter but not having that smoked overcooked coconut oil taste. Try slow cooking onions in coconut oil and see how beautiful and sweet they taste but without adding sugar!

I then added the livers (that I had soaked in water and a spoonful of sea salt in the fridge for 2 hours), a big dash of sauvignon blanc, some crushed mustard seeds and I cooked the livers through. The NT recipe said to cook until brown, the other two said to cook until pink in the middle.. seeing it was my first attempt I decided to cook until brown.

I then added some fresh coriander, dill and thyme. After reducing it down a bit I took it off the heat and transferred it to a bowl to cool. I then added another 1/3 block of butter which then softened slowly in the bowl.

After cooling I whizzed it up, tasted it, seasoned it and then bottled it up.

I slow cooked some onions in a pan in some more coconut oil, ghee and butter, a splash of red wine and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Very slowly cooked them until they were all caramelized and ready to eat with the pate.

I was cooking dinner for our next door neighbours who are amazing cooks so this was the ultimate test to see what they thought. In fact we have a little thing going with next-door.. every time we are cooking we always give each other a little taste of what we are making. M next-door comes from a big foodie Italian family and is an amazing cook.. it’s alway great getting little tips from him.




The result.. the pate disappeared in 5 minutes! 

Today I gave some to baby B to taste and he loved it. A friend of mine has been feeding liver to her bub for a long time. So good for them. NT even recommends grating it into babies food from a very young age for optimum health. I’m so glad I finally got over my offal phobia and experimented… I’ll be making some again soon!