Krazy Kraut

Krazy Kraut!

All jarred up and ready to #ferment!

I tasted the beautiful byron bay kraut and I was inspired! Maybe sauerkraut didn't have to be all mushy and taste so, well, sauerkrauty.. It could be fresh crunchy and delicious! And if it's made the right way it is so good for you packed with probiotics and goodies to aid digestion among a plethora of other health benefits.

I opened up Nourishing traditions and looked at the recipe. Didn't sound so complicated. I also had a look at the recipe on #thewholepantry which sounded delicious!  So this is my version.. Half way between the two.

In mine...

A beautiful organic cabbage from the farmers market shredded,

one organic pink lady apple grated,

tablespoon of caraway seeds,

handful of chopped dill,

tablespoon of salt,

4 tablespoons of fresh homemade whey. (see my post on making whey)

I put all the ingredients in a bowl and bruised them with a couple of big wooden spoons for 10 minutes. Then transferred to a big jar and jammed the cabbage down squashing it as much as I could to the bottom. A liquid emerges and the more you ouch down the more the liquid covers the cabbage. Make sure there is an inch or so at the top of the jar to allow room for fermenting.

In 3-4 days when it is ready. The second jar is the exact same recipe but with the addition of a grated carrot.

First dish I made was a big Superfood Salad and garnished with my Krazy Kraut..

Beetroot and zucchini sautéed in #coconutoil and #grassfed #butter with#sprouted #adzukibeans #avocado #chiaseeds#sunflowerseeds #pumpkinseeds tossed with rocket, cherry tomato cucumber and spring onion in a #tahini#lemon and #garlic #oliveoil dressing I threw some#quinoa seeds in the pan with the beets and zuchinni to add some more #superfood crunch and topped with my own #sauerkraut #superfoodsalad#nourishingtraditions #organic #healthysalad#delicious #food #probiotics #innerhealth